About the Centre

Mission and Vision

The Centre for Comparative Medicine Research (CCMR) is University-wide core service centre at HKU.

Established in 1979, the Centre has long been at the forefront of laboratory animal medicine in the Asia-Pacific region, being the largest and most advanced research animal facility in the HKSAR, the Centre was also one of the first in the Nation to achieve AAALAC International accreditation in 2005.

The  Centre is committed to the provision of the highest-quality research animals, well-equipped animal holding facilities, and professional services to support the leading role of The University of Hong Kong in research and teaching. With over 125 animal care professionals, including veterinarians, scientists, medical laboratory technologists, laboratory animal technologists and trained animal care staff, the Centre strives to promote the humane care and responsible use of laboratory animals in the University and work closely with scientists to achieve their high-impact research goals.

As an internationally accredited research centre, we are focused on supporting the highest-quality, highest-welfare medical research. Dedicated to the 3Rs, in promoting Replacement, Reduction and Refinement as well as the 4th R of Respecting research animals, we are also committed to openness in our work and highlighting the benefits that comparative medicine research performed to the highest welfare standards brings to human and animal health.