Animal Holding

Experimental Holding
  1. CCMR provides "minimal disease" and "conventional" holding facilities for keeping experimental mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea-pigs, chickens and rabbits, and conventional holding facilities for keeping experimental pigs and goats.
  2. If you want to carry out your experiments in CCMR, please pay a visit to the Centre and discuss the experimental protocol, holding space and other requirements (e.g. cage items and surgical facilities) with us first. You have to submit a duly completed "Experimental Animal Holding Application Form" for the Head of Centre's approval before commencement of your experiment.
  3. Please observe strictly all CCMR rules and procedures when you are working in the Centre. These rules and procedures aim primarily at protecting the health status and welfare of all valuable experimental and breeding animal colonies kept under our care. Failure to do so can result in introduction of pathogens to the Centre and unnecessary animal suffering. The research and teaching experiments of colleagues in the university will also be affected because the follow-up measures required to eliminate an unwanted infection (e.g. by treatment, re-derivation or colony replacement) from the experimental and central breeding areas of the Centre are often very costly and time-consuming.

Experimental Animal Holding Application Form
Experimental Animal e-Holding Application Form

e-Holding Walkthrough for Users
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Registration of Smart Card for Access to Experimental Holding Areas
Registration of Smart Card for Access to Experimental Holding Area

You should download the exam certificates for the 4 courses and submit them together with the Smart Card Access form and a copy of the Cap340 Animal Licence.

For users working with fish, in addition to the 4 mandatory courses, users should also complete the Working with Laboratory Zebrafish (HKU) on the AALAS Learning Library.

Please follow the SOP: "SOP for Accessing AALAS Learning Library and Register for Smart Card Access"