Zebrafish Core Facility

About Zebrafish Core Facility

The Zebrafish Core Facility (ZCF) was originally established to support the research community of the University of Hong Kong under Faculty Core Facility and supported by Faculty Development Fund of Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine.

From 1st July 2021, CCMR will manage the Zebrafish Core Facility located on 6/F, Laboratory Block, Faculty of Medicine Building, which will supplement the newly established Zebrafish Core Breeding area located on 2/F Dexter Man Building.

Zebrafish (Danio rerio) is a freshwater species in minnow family under the order Cypriniformes. Native to south Asia, the species is emerging as a vertebrate model organism for studying gene interaction, developmental biology and modeling human diseases. Optically transparent embryos, large brood size and relatively short lifecycle compared to other vertebrate model organisms vastly accelerated biological studies.

Zebrafish Rack

CCMR will be able to provide housing, breeding and training services to zebrafish users from 1st July 2021

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For enquiry, please contact us at compmed@hku.hk